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Were You There?
Good Friday to Easter Sunday . . . 

Why is this weekend so different? In these 3 days Life was forever changed. Life was lost. Life was resurrected. Life continues for all eternity. Come hear the story, maybe for the first time. Maybe again, for the first time. It is the story that is the same yesterday, today, and forever - that's why it makes all the difference!

Carry the Cross — Fri., 4/18, @ 5 PM 
Carry the cross through the streets of Minneapolis to get a glimpse of the depth of Jesus sacrifice. We will be like Simon of Cyrene who carried the cross when Jesus was failing (Mark 15:21-22, Matthew 27:32, Luke 23:26). All are welcome; we also have a smaller cross. Participate as much or as little as you would like. You are able to join us along the way. Meet at the Music Box Theater, 1407 Nicollet Ave, Mpls 55403, at 5 PM. 
Contact: Rob 

Easter Egg Decorating - Fri. 4/18 @6:30 PM
Come to the kitchen in the Loring Park Arts Building at 6:30 pm to help dye eggs and fill plastic eggs for the Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday at the Music Box Theater following worship. Please bring eggs to dye. Bonus if they are already hard boiled. Contact: Carl 

Good Friday Worship - Fri. 4/18 @7:30 PM
This Friday, is called “good” because Jesus died so that we might truly live. We will experience the hours when Jesus gathered with his disciples in an upper room, sharing the Lord's Supper for the very first time, then betrayed, led to the cross and died. 7:30 PM, Friday, April 18 at the Loring Park Building. You can park in the Emerson Lot and walk West. Follow steps at Willow and 14th Street down to the building. Contact: Kerns 

Easter Sunday Worship with Brunch and Egg Hunt following - Sun. 4/20 @10:30 AM 
The church with the Really Big Door is setting a Really Big Table. Come and enjoy an amazing day where your body and soul will be fed. Easter Worship at 10:30 AM, followed by Brunch. Spirit Garage members are invited to bring an item to share. Helpful if you are willing and able to sign up. After the children finish Brunch we will start the Easter Egg Hunt. All are Welcome! Contact: Rod

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Sundays at 10:30 AM
Music Box Theater
1407 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403