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This is a powerful word. It is a word that sets a limit and often a call to action. Over the next 4-Weeks we will be saying "Enough".

April 19 - Enough of feeling powerless and a victim.
Learn how to take control of your life and specifically your finances.
Listen to the "bootleg quality" Recorded Worship - here.

April 26 - Enough of living in judgment and envy.
Learn how to be honest with yourself and others in a constructive way, discover the freedom found in reconciliation.

May 3 - Enough of filling voids in life with fluff and mediocrity.
Learn how to find meaning in life and live with purpose.

May 10 - Enough of being ruled by fear and scarcity.
Learn how "your greatest joy [can] meet the world's greatest need." - Frederick Buechner

As a part of this series you are invited to read Enough, Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity, by Adam Hamilton. Books are available in our lending library or purchase yours online: HERE



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